The Occurrence of Monilia in Normal Stools

Thomas G. Schnoordepartments of Bacteriology and Medicine, Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, N. C.

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  1. 1. A series of 314 normal stools has been cultured to determine the frequency of fungi in the gastro-intestinal tract of normal man.
  2. 2. Monilia was found in 33.1 per cent of the stools cultured, of which 16.9 per cent were Monilia albicans; 6.0 per cent Monilia parapsilosis; 5.7 per cent Monilia krusei; and 4 per cent Monilia candida.
  3. 3. A significant number of colonies of Monilia (more than 12 colonies per plate streaked with a 4 mm. loop) was found in only 6 of the 314 specimens (1.9 per cent), and by the same standard M. albicans was found in only 3 specimens (1 per cent).
  4. 4. Other fungi isolated and identified were: Cryptococcus 28 per cent, Geotrichum 29 per cent, Penicillium 11.8 per cent, and Aspergillus 3.5 per cent.