Parasitology, with Special Reference to Man and Domestic Animals

By Robert Hegner, Francis M. Root, Donald L. Augustine and Clay G. Huff. Pp. 812, including index, and 308 figs. D. Appleton-Century Co., Inc., New York and London. 1938

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This text is a complete revision of the volume by Hegner, Root and Augustine, entitled Animal Parasitology (1929). The authors of the new volume state that the original title was somewhat misleading, since it “gave the impression that the parasites of man are not considered.”

The present volume consists of an introductory chapter by Professor Hegner, a section of fifteen chapters on protozoology by Hegner, a section of sixteen chapters on helminthology by Professor Augustine, a section of twenty-two chapters by the late Professor Root, revised and enlarged by Professor Huff, a bibliographical section of 79 pages, and both author and subject indexes.

The introduction consists of a concise but very satisfactory presentation of the subject of parasitism and the problems which it involves, with especial emphasis on the relationship of the parasite and its host or hosts. Topic X, The Protozoa of Man and Monkeys, is informative but more appropriately belongs in the section on Protozoa.