Specific Autogenous Vaccine Treatment of Otomycosis. Preparation of Vaccine

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Otomycosis, a mycotic infection of the external auditory canal, as a disease entity, has, prior to recent years, received but scant consideration in medical texts and journals. Most often it is regarded (1) as a rare condition, sometimes quite troublesome, but not of sufficient import to warrant serious consideration. Attention is usually directed to the occurrence of cases in damp warm climates; more cases are said to occur in the troppics, rather giving the impression that the condition is of infrequent occurrence in dry and cold climates. Gill (2) states that “although mycotic infections are vastly more prevalent in climates where conditions of temperature and moisture favor growth of fungi, it is erroneous to believe that the distribution is strictly limited to tropical and sub-tropical zones, as they are frequently encountered in more temperate areas.”

Again (2), “otomycosis, while constituting a minor aural disease, is encountered with such great frequency that it justifies special attention.”