Volume s1-18 (1938): Issue 5 (Sep 1938)

Beriberi or Inanition?
I. The Effect of Starvation, with and without Vitamin B1
Beriberi or Inanition?
II. The Administration of Vitamin B1 to Rats Receiving Unbalanced Diets
Mosquito Studies
On the Recovery of Stain in Adults Developing from Anopheline Larvae Stained in Vitro
Studies on Oxyuriasis
VII. Clinical Improvement Following Treatment with Single Doses of Tetrachlorethylene
Book Review
Traité d'Entomologie Médicale et Vétérinaire
By M. Neveu-Lemaire, Professeur agrégé des Facultés de Médecine (de Paris). Pages i–xxiii, 1–1339. 597 figs. Vigot Frères, Paris. 1938
Book Review
A Text-Book of Medical Bacteriology
By R. W. Fairbrother. pp. 437 with 12 figures and 4 colored plates. The C. V. Mosby Company. 1937
Book Review
Surgical Handbook for Hospital Assistants in the Tropics
By W. K. Connell. pp. 440 including index and 177 figures. John Bale Medical Publications, 85 Great Titchfield St., London, W. I. 1938
Book Review
A Manual of Practical Tropical Sanitation
By J. Balfour Kirk. pp. 300 including index and 46 figs. New York. William Wood & Company. 1937
Book Review
A Textbook of Hematology
By William Magner. pp. 393 including index with 23 figures. P. Blackeston's Sons & Co. Inc., Philadelphia. 1938