Venereal Fuso-Spirochetosis

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  • Department of Pathology of the Ohio State University Medical School, Columbs, Ohio
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Summary and Conclusions

  1. 1.Among 622 cases of pudendal lesions examined at the Venereal Laboratory at Charity Hospital, New Orleans, La., 37 cases of primary fusospirochetal infections were encountered.
  2. 2.The colored race, the male sex and the age groups between 20 and 30 years were most frequently represented in our series of patients suffering from the infection.
  3. 3.Intense local pain and penetrating foul discharge were the principal clinical manifestations. In twelve cases constitutional symptoms were present. One case was fatal.
  4. 4.Superficial erosions, well circumscribed ulcerations and progressive destruction of the genitalia and perineum represented the most frequently encountered lesions.
  5. 5.As causal organisms the symbiotic group of Vincent's organisms could be demonstrated in all lesions while other etiological factors could be excluded. Treponema Vincenti appears to be the most important member of this group in the pathogenesis of the ulcerative lesions.