The Effect of Small Amounts of Quinine Administered on a Single Day on the Subsequent Course of Infections with Plasmodium Vivax and Plasmodium Falciparum

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The literature on the employment of cinchona and its alkaloid derivatives is so voluminous, and at times so controversial, that one may well hesitate to assume the responsibility for an additional contribution thereto. Considering, however, that most attention has been given to administration of this drug in courses extending over a period of several days or weeks in cases where the malaria history may have been vague or indefinable even though positively diagnosed, it appears there may be a place for some observations made under more limited and precise conditions.

In the management of the attacks of induced malaria occurring in patients receiving the malaria therapy service of the Florida State Hospital, indications not infrequently arise for the interruption or retardation of an active malaria infection. Such interference is routinely effected by the administration of quinine sulphate in capsules.