On the Distribution of Trypanosoma Cruzi Chagas in the Southwestern United States

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  • Department of Zoology, University of California at Los Angeles


  1. 1.The feces of 287 cone-nose bugs and the blood of sixty rodents, chiefly wood rats, from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah were examined microscopically for Trypanosoma cruzi, the protozoan cause of American human trypanosomiasis.
  2. 2.None of these bugs or rodents showed the infection.
  3. 3.Specimens of the bugs were infected experimentally in the laboratory with the California and a Brazilian strain of T. cruzi.
  4. 4.The localities from which rats or bugs were examined are shown on an accompanying map.
  5. 5.The two localities in southwestern United States where the infection is known to be present in animal carriers are near San Diego, California and Tucson, Arizona.