Studies on the Capacity of Various Brazilian Mosquitoes, Representing the Genera Psorophora, Aedes, Mansonia, and Culex, to Transmit Yellow Fever

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  • Laboratory of the Yellow Fever Service at Bahia, Brazil
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Summary and Conclusions

  1. 1.It has been confirmed that Aedes scapularis and Aedes fluviatilis are efficient vectors of yellow fever virus.
  2. 2.Aedes nubilus, Aedes terrens, Mansonia justamansonia, Mansonia fasciolata, Mansonia chrysonotum, and Mansonia albicosta have been studied and found to retain the virus in their bodies but to be unable to transmit it by bite.
  3. 3.We have been unable to repeat Davis’ transmission of yellow fever by the bite of Aedes taeniorhynchus and are inclined to believe that this species of mosquito is not a vector. However, mosquitoes of the species retain the virus in their bodies for long periods.
  4. 4.The results with Psorophora ferox are confusing. Davis, in experiments reported in this paper for the first time, was able to transmit yellow fever by the bite of this mosquito but we have been unable to repeat these observations.
  5. 5.Experiments carried out by Davis with Aedes fulvithorax and Culex nigripalpus are reported. He was unable to transmit yellow fever by the bite of either species.

Author Notes

Included in this paper are the results of experiments completed by Nelson C. Davis in this laboratory shortly before his death in 1933 and here published for the first time.