Ergebnisse und Fortschritte der antimon Therapie

Von Hans Schmidt und F. M. Peter. Pp. 218. 8 figs. Georg Thieme, Leipzig, 1937

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The results obtained and the progress made in the application of the different preparations of antimony in medical therapy is the subject of this volume. It is exceptionally complete so far as one can judge by the voluminous literature citations. The latter are composed entirely of abstracts of articles arranged under appropriate headings, giving the author's name and the title of the work.

The divisions make it easy to find exactly what has been done with antimony in the treatment of kala-azar, dermal leishmaniasis, African sleeping sickness, bilharziasis, and the trypanosomiases, as well as diseases caused by spirilla and spirochetes, in all parts of the world. The material cited is very extensive and only those workers having a most complete literature at their command could have accomplished the task so well.

The book is a most excellent reference work for those who want to avoid the drudgery of reviewing the literature while preparing an article.