Bacteriology of Specific Communicable Diseases

Handbook of Public Health Bacteriology, etc. Edited by M. S. Marshall. Issued by the Department of Public Health City and County of San Francisco, California. Pp. 141. J. W. Stacey, San Francisco, 1937

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While the greater part of this eminently useful little volume is devoted to the usual well tried and accepted methods of bacteriological technic as employed in State laboratories, it contains also directions for the examination of other things as well. There is a section on the chemical investigation of milk and milk products, water, meat, beer, wines and liquor, and a method for the determination of alcohol in blood, while parts of this section are devoted to the examination of flavoring extracts, toxicological procedures and urine analysis.

The methods are apparently standard ones in use in the San Francisco Board of Health and the chief merits of this handy compilation are the brevity and clarity with which the material is presented, and the manner of binding, which is unique.