Synopsis of Digestive Diseases

By John L. Kantor. Pp. 302. 40 figs. The C. V. Mosby Company, St. Louis, Missouri, 1937

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Kantor divides his subject into four chief parts which in turn are appropriately distributed in twenty-seven chapters.

Part I is devoted to general considerations including diagnostic and therapeutic methods. This part is very aptly arranged and is highly satisfactory with the only criticism that some of the descriptions are somewhat too brief.

Part II deals entirely with disease processes affecting the intestinal tract beginning with the mouth and ending at the anus, with side line observations on the liver and bile ducts. It is of great value because of its conciseness and clarity and in the reviewer's opinion is by far the most useful section of the book.

Parts III and IV are too brief, but perhaps it is too much to expect treatises on the protozoa, helminths, and a discussion of extradigestive diseases to be compressed into 35 pages and small ones at that.