How To Do a Malaria Survey

By Col. S. R. Christophers, Lieut.-Col. J. A. Sinton and Maj. G. Covell, I.M.S. Third Edition. Revised by Lieut.-Col. J. A. Sinton, I.M.S. Health Bulletin No. 14. Malaria Bureau No. 6. Central Malaria Bureau, Kasauli, India. Pp. I-VIII, 1-206. Delhi. 1936

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This is the third edition of the very valuable monograph upon the making of a malaria survey, originally published in 1928. The present edition has been considerably enlarged and includes all new data of value in the conduct of malaria surveys, especially those of interest to workers in India.

The contents of this volume indicate how thoroughly the subject is considered and how valuable the work is to all interested in ascertaining the prevalence of malaria in any locality. The Introduction contains a discussion of what is meant by a malaria survey; what such a survey accomplishes; the kinds of malaria surveys; the Staff required; and the general conduct of the survey. There follow in order the following sections: Times and Conceptions used in Malaria Work; Collection of Mosquito Larvae and Mapping of Breeding Places; Collection of Adult Mosquitoes; Dissection of Mosquitoes to Determine the Presence of Malaria Parasites; Dissection of Mosquitoes to Determine Age and Condition of Females.