Volume s1-17 (1937): Issue 3 (May 1937)

Studies on Oxyuriasis
I. Types of Anal Swabs and Scrapers, with a Description of an Improved Type of Swab
Book Review
Taylor's Practice of Medicine
Fifteenth Edition. Edited by E. P. Poulton, assisted by C. P. Symonds, H. W. Barber, R. D. Gillespie, N. Hamilton Fairley and W. M. Mollison. With 71 plates and 104 text-figures. William Wood and Company. Baltimore, Md. 1936
Book Review
Syphilis Sive Morbus Humanus. A Rationalization of Yaws So Called
By Charles S. Butler, H.B., M.D., L.L.D. Pp. I–VII, 1–137, inclusive of two pages of errata and glossary. Illustrated with 18 plates and one frontispiece. The Science Press Printing Company, Lancaster, Pa. 1936