Diseases of the Nails

By V. Pardo-Castello. Pp. i–xxi, 1–77. With 94 illustrations. Chas. C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, and Baltimore, Maryland, 1936

L. C. Scott
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This book, devoted entirely to the subject of nail diseases, is probably a rare one in the English language. At any rate, the reviewer knows of no other of the same type.

Every observing clinical worker sees many nail anomalies in the course of his activities and is often enough puzzled to give even a tentative explanation for them. Seldom can we make a reasonably certain diagnosis of any trouble besides mycotic infection. The quandary of the general practitioner must of necessity be even greater. Both may refer to textbooks in dermatology and get little or no benefit, since descriptions in these are often too brief or too inadequate to be of material advantage. The little volume of Pardo-Castello should therefore be received with great satisfaction. He has tried to compress a large amount of significant and, to most of us, entirely new and interesting information into small compass, and has succeeded remarkably well in doing so.

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