Manson's Tropical Diseases

Edited by Philip H. Manson-Bahr, D.S.O., M.A., M.D., D.T.M. and H. Cantab, F.R.C.P. London. Tenth Edition. Pp. I–XX, 1–1003. William Wood and Company. Baltimore, 1936

Chas. F. Craig
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In this, the tenth edition of Manson's Tropical Diseases, the editor states that, in order to “follow out the teaching of the original Author of this Manual” it has been the aim of the Editor “to render it a practical volume for those who practice medicine in the tropics.” In order to accomplish this aim the present edition contains added data upon the clinical side of the subject and much more detailed instructions regarding treatment, while the section dealing with medical zoology has been contracted, for the reason, as the Editor states, that there are now available excellent works upon medical protozoology, helminthology and entomology. Despite these changes the size of the work remains practically the same, owing to the addition of clinical and therapeutic data.

A careful reading of the new edition must convince anyone that the Editor has succeeded in his aim and that this edition is even more valuable than the ones preceding it.

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