Précis de Parasitologie

By Professor E. Brumpt, Faculté de Médecine de Paris. Fifth Edition. Pages i–xii, 1–1082, 1083–2139, with 1085 figures and 4 plates. Masson et Cie, Paris, 1936

Ernest Carroll Faust
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This new, revised edition of the well-known Précis de Parasitologie has been enlarged into a veritable encyclopedia of information on the Protozoa, spirochetes, Rickettsia-bodies, helminths, leeches, arthropods and fungi, and only lacks sections on bacteria and filterable viruses to be an all-inclusive compendium on microbiology. On account of its size the treatise has been divided into two volumes of approximately equal size. Because of this expansion it can no longer be considered a textbook and must now be regarded as a reference on the subjects included between its covers.

Following a preface of 12 pages and an introductory section of 102 pages on the phenomena of parasitism, Volume I takes up first the Protozoa and then the Helminths. The reviewer is confronted on p. 104 with the classification of the Protozoa, in which the Spirochetes are ranked as a Class coördinate with the usual four classes of this Sub-Kingdom.

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