Malaria in Camden County, New Jersey

Report of a Recent Outbreak

Donald C. A. Butts Laboratory of Experimental Immunology, St. Luke's and Children's Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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During the late summer of last year, there occurred in Camden County, New Jersey, an outbreak of malaria. The number of cases at that time far exceeded the total number reported by this county since malaria was made reportable in the State of New Jersey on June 6, 1911; and exceeded the total number for the entire state during any year since 1919. Between 1912 and 1934, a total of only 61 cases of malaria had been reported in Camden County (1) (fig. 1). The reported annual malaria incidence in the state of New Jersey is shown graphically in figure 2.

Distribution of cases

The 120 cases reported last year were quite definitely limited to the northern portion of the City of Camden, and to Pensauken Township. It will be seen from figure 3 that the majority of cases appeared along the low, marshy sections of Baldwin's, Chandler's and Puchack Creeks; and in the low region around Fish House.

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