The Walter Reed Medal

Awarded by the American Society of Tropical Medicine for Meritorious Achievement in Tropical Medicine

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The first Walter Reed Medals were awarded at the luncheon of the Society on November 19, 1936. The luncheon was held in the Southern Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland, as a part of the Thirty-second Annual Meeting of the Society.

Dr. Henry E. Meleney, President, presided at the occasion which was attended by a large number of distinguished guests and members of the Society.

The medals were conferred on Mrs. Walter Reed and awarded to the Rockefeller Foundation for its meritorious achievement in the study and control of yellow fever. In the absence of Mrs. Reed, the medal was received from Colonel Joseph L. Siler by Major General Walter L. Reed. Dr. Richard P. Strong presented the medal to Mr. Raymond B. Fosdick, President of the Rockefeller Foundation.

The Committee of Award was composed of Dr. Richard P. Strong, Colonel Joseph L. Siler, M.C., U. S. A., and Admiral E. R. Stitt, M.C., U. S. N. (ret.).