Die Einbeimische Sprue (und ihre Falgekrankheiten, sekundäre Avitaminosen). (Non-Tropical Sprue (and resulting disease processes)

By Prof. K. Hansen and Dr. H. v. Staa. Pages 113. 45 illustrations. Georg Thieme. Leipzig. 1936. Price R.M. 7.80

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A more elaborate and minute study of the five cases of sprue which came to the attention of Hansen and Staa and contained in this brochure can hardly be imagined. They literally take them to pieces and consider and reconsider each individual symptom and symptom complex. One is compelled to admire the tremendous amount of work, literature citations, deductions, hypotheses, etc., but to deplore the end result which, with the exception of one or two debatable points, contributes nothing new to our knowledge of the cause of sprue, and after all this is the principle objective.

The significant points are that “Sprue is supposedly a disturbance of the process of (fat) resynthesis within the intestinal epithelium” (p. 80) and that this insufficiency in fat resorption is thought to be due “primarily to disturbance of a ferment or on account of localized disease of the intestinal wall” (p. 87).