Traité d'Helminthologie Médicale et Vétérinaire

By M. Neveu-Lemaire, Professeur agrégé, Chef des traveux de parasitologie a la faculté de médicine de Paris. Pages i–xxiii, 1–1515. 787 figs. Vigot Frères, Paris. 1936

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This extensive compendium of medical and vertinary helminthology is the first adequate manual of its kind to be published in any language since the work of Professor A. Railliet in 1895 and will be welcomed by all workers in this dual field, because it is comprehensive, up-to-date and authoritative. It is dedicated to Professor Raphael Blanchard (1857–1919), the distinguished medical helminthologist, and to Professor Alcide Railliet (1852–1930), the equally distinguished veterinary helminthologist. The volume is divided into four parts: (1) general helminthology, (2) special helminthology, (3) definitive hosts of helminths and (4) intermediate hosts of helminths.

Part I (pp. 1–76) includes a general consideration of parasitic worms; their adaptations to a parasitic existence; their evolution; their host relations, methods by which definitive hosts become infected, migration through the hosts' tissues, the tissue reactions provoked and their effects on both the host and the parasite; technics employed in identification and methods of diagnosis of adults and eggs; the parasitic groups of worms and the nomenclature of helminths and helminthiases.