German Medicine

By W. Haberling, M.D. Translated by Jules Freud, M.D. Pages i–xiii, 1–160. In Clio Medica. Paul Hoeber, Inc. New York, 1934

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After briefly outlining the superstitious practices of the ancient Franks, the author describes the German medicine of the Middle Ages and then portrays the influence of Paracelsus on the period of awakened science. Successively the thought and development of the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are presented, and the contributions of Johannes Müller, Theodor Schwann, Virchow, Koch, Ehrlich, Röntgen, Pettenkofer and others are described, ending in specialization in medicine. While the information is accurately presented, the reviewer confesses that it does not have the charm or impelling interest of other volumes in this series.