Laboratory Methods of the United States Army

Edited by Majors James Henry Simmons and Cleon J. Gentzkow. Pp. 1091. Illustrated with 70 figures. Fourth edition. Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia, 1935

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This excellent and comprehensive manual has according to the preface been largely revised and in many instances chapters have been completely rewritten in conformity with the advance in laboratory technic and the requirements of the service. Two new sections on Rickettsia and Filterable Viruses and Statistical Methods have been added.

The reviewer has not sought for typographical errors which may or may not be found on close examination but has tried to gain a fair general impression of the contents by reading parts of sections, with attention to the utility and applicability of the methods to the requirements of civil life. From first to last he can find nothing to adversely criticise. On the contrary the arrangement of the material, the relative brevity of the context accompanied by adequate explanation are all that one could either expect or desire in a book of this sort.