A Clinical Text-Book of Tropical Medicine

By C. D. deLangen, M.D. and A. Lichtenstein, M.D. Translated into English by A. H. Hamilton, A.B., M.D., L.M.B.D. English Edition from the Third Dutch Edition. Pp. I–XI, 1–557. G. Kolff & Company, Batavia-Surabaya-Amsterdam, 1936

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During the past ten years this work upon tropical medicine has appeared in three progressive editions in Dutch and the present volume is the first English translation of the third Dutch edition. It is presented to the medical profession as “a simple book that presents the high lights of the subject briefly and yet sufficiently,” but it is really a very thorough consideration of the subject. Written as it was for Dutch practitioners in the tropics, especially in Java, it possesses considerable local color but this adds to its value, as the personal experience of both authors has been extensive and both are known as prolific contributors to our knowledge of the diseases occurring in the tropics.

The book is divided into nine chapters and in it are considered all of the diseases and conditions occurring in the tropics in a lucid and interesting manner.