Onchocerciasis. With Special Reference to the Central American Form of the Disease

By Richard P. Strong, Ph.B., M.D., S.D., Jack H. Sandground, D.Sc., Joseph C. Bequaert, Ph.B. and Miguel Munoz Ochoa, M.D. Pp. I–XIV, 1–234. Harvard University Press. Cambridge, Mass., 1934

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In this beautifully printed and illustrated volume the results of a study of onchocerciasis in Guatemala by Dr. Strong and his associates are considered and the publication is a most valuable addition to our knowledge of the infection and forms one of the contributions from the Department of Tropical Medicine and the Institute for Tropical Biology and Medicine of Harvard University.

The work is divided into four parts. Part I considers the infection itself, giving detailed information regarding the previous investigations of this condition, the geographical distribution in Guatemala, epidemiological and endemiological data, clinical and pathological observations, transmission, immunity, public health aspects, prophylaxis and treatment, and a complete bibliography. This part is written by Dr. Strong and is a lucid, scientific, and most valuable consideration of onchocerciasis, containing practically all that is known on the subject and much new and interesting data regarding the infection.