The Transmission of Yaws from Man to Rabbits by an Insect Vector, Hippelates Pallipes Loew

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  • Laboratory of the Jamaica Yaws Commission
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  1. 1.In preliminary studies it was found that mechanical transmission of yaws might occur by the regurgitation of an infected “vomit drop” within seven hours or less of the initial meal.
  2. 2.A transmission technic with feeding chambers for flies is described.
  3. 3.In Jamaica, rabbits are relatively insusceptible to infection with T. pertenue from patients when these organisms are inoculated directly into granulating wounds. Of 63 animals inoculated in this manner, only 3, or 4.8 per cent, developed yaws.
  4. 4.Seven of sixty-eight animals fed on by infected Hippelates flies developed darkfield positive lesions.
  5. 5.The infected esophageal diverticulum of a single H. pallipes is at times sufficient to infect a rabbit with yaws.