Anopheles (Anopheles) Punctimacula Naturally Infected with Malaria Plasmodia

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  • Army Medical Research Board, Ancon, C. Z.
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It is the purpose of this note to report the finding of malaria plasmodia in a naturally infected specimen of Anopheles (Anopheles) punctimacula Dyar and Knab, 1906, which mosquito has also been known as Anopheles strigimacula Dyar and Knab, 1906, and Anopheles malefactor Dyar and Knab, 1906.

Since August, 1935, the author has coöperated with Dr. D. P. Curry, Assistant Chief Health Officer of The Panama Canal, in a general study of the malaria situation at Fort Sherman, C. Z., where the incidence of this disease has always been unusually high. As a part of this study, dissections and microscopic examinations have been made routinely of adult mosquitoes collected each week by Mr. C. H. Bath, Sanitary Inspector and his assistants, in various sleeping quarters on the Fort Sherman reservation. To date the results of these examinations have been as follows: Anopheles albimanus, 101 examined, all negative; Anopheles pseudopunctipennis, 1 examined, negative; Anopheles punctimacula, 6 examined, 5 negative and 1 positive for malaria oöcysts containing sporozoites.

Author Notes

Major, Medical Corps, United States Army. With the technical assistance of Private First Class W. C. Dunscombe, M.D.