A Natural Infection of Trypanosoma Hippicum Darling in the Vampire Bat Desmodus Rotundus Murinus Wagner

Carl M. Johnson Gorgas Memorial Laboratory, Panama, Republic of Panama

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Information regarding the experimental infection of the Vampire bat Desmodus rotundus murinus Wagner with Trypanosoma hippicum, and details concerning the transmission of this infection under experimental conditions have been reported in previous papers (1, 2 and 3). Although 110 vampire bats have been caught for experimental purposes, examination of their blood before use showed only one to be infected with T. hippicum.

The bats caught for experimental use were collected in areas quite near Panama City, from caves and tree holes. Thirty were obtained from tidal caves on the Island of Taboga, situated in the Bay of Panama about 10 miles from Balboa, C. Z. The others were all taken on the mainland in a radius of about 20 miles from Panama City.

On February 13, 1935, five bats were caught in a hole of a tree situated near Rio Abajo, a small village about 4 miles east of the city.

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