On the Incidence of Intestinal Parasites in 537 Individuals on the Relief Rolls in the City of Athens, Georgia, and Vicinity

Elon E. Byrd
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  1. 1. The results of a survey of intestinal parasites on 537 individuals on relief rolls in Athens, Georgia and vicinity are reported.
  2. 2. Of the total number of individuals examined 239, or 44.54 per cent, were positive for one or more parasites.
  3. 3. The presence of Endamoeba histolytica as indicated by a single examination is reported to be 6.13 per cent in the group studied.
  4. 4. Helminths occurred only rarely among the individuals.
  5. 5. Figures are given on the racial aspect of the parasites from the intestinal tract of the persons studied.
  6. 6. Certain family groups were studied in order to ascertain familial tendencies in regard to various parasites encountered.

Author Notes

Contribution from the Zoology Department, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.