Disorders of the Blood. Diagnosis, Pathology, Treatment and Technique

By Lionel E. H. Whitby, C.V.O., M.C., and C. J. C. Britton, M.D. Pp. i–viii, 1–543. Illustrated. P. Blakiston's Son and Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 1935

Chas. F. Craig
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The authors, in their Preface to this work, state that they have attempted to reduce the vast amount of literature upon the blood of the past ten years within a reasonable space and to comment upon it in the light of their own experience in teaching and in practice. A clinical grouping of the various disorders of the blood has been used although they emphasize how rare is primary disease of the hemopoietic system and how frequent are changes in the peripheral blood and symptoms of abnormal conditions in other systems of the body.

A careful perusal of this work indicates that the objects aimed at by the authors have been accomplished and the reviewer regards the work as one of the best that has been published upon the subject in many years. It can be cordially recommended to the student and practitioner as an accurate and scientific presentation of the modern views regarding disorders of the blood and a work that should be consulted by all interested in hematology.

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