A Textbook of Laboratory Diagnosis. With Clinical Applications for Practitioners and Students

By Edwin S. Osgood, M.A., M.D. 2nd edition. Pp. xii, 1–585. Illustrated. P. Blakiston's Son and Company, Philadelphia, Pa., 1935

Chas. F. Craig
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The second edition of Osgood's “Laboratory Diagnosis” marks a distinct advance over the first, which was itself an excellent work upon the subject. This book is unique in some respects, perhaps the most striking being the space given to the application of the various laboratory tests described to the disease conditions in which they have been found useful. Thus the book is divided into two distinct parts, Part One treating of the diseases of various portions of the body, including hematology, while Part Two treats of the technic of the laboratory methods available in clinical diagnosis.

A brief analysis of the way in which each subject is handled in Part One will demonstrate the value of this portion of the work to the practitioner and student. Taking the chapter (Chapter II) treating of the disorders of the kidney and urinary tract with special reference to nephritis as an example, we find that the subject is considered under the following headings.

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