Clinical Laboratory Methods and Diagnosis. A Textbook on Laboratory Procedures with their Interpretation

By R. B. H. Gradwohl, M.D. Pp. 1028 including index, with 328 illustrations and 24 color plates. The C. V. Mosby Company, St. Louis, 1935

L. C. Scott
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This monumental volume is rather a reference than a textbook. The amount of information contained between its covers is enormous, complete and well presented. The explanations are exceptionally lucid, the diction clear, and aside from those contained in the section on parasitology the illustrations and plates are all that could be desired.

The book is divided into eighteen chapters comprising the whole fields of blood and urine work, examination of feces, sputum, bacteriological, pathological and toxicological technic including postmortem examination, with a final one on laboratory equipment. In so far as the reviewer is aware nothing essential has been omitted.

As is inevitable in a work of this nature involving so many related fields some of which require an entire volume for complete exposition, numerous errors and omissions, typographical and otherwise, are bound to make themselves evident to the unbiased reader. It is not the reviewer's intention to enumerate all the minor defects which he has encountered in the more than seven hundred pages read.

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