The Internal Parasites of Domestic Animals. A Manual for Veterinary Surgeons

By Thomas W. M. Cameron. Pp. 292, 144 illustrations. 1934. London

Ernest Carroll Faust
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This short, concise volume, written by a well-known British parasitologist, covers the protozoan and helminthic parasites of domestic animals. After a brief introductory section on nomenclature and history of veterinary parasitology (pp. 1–18), the book presents important data on the protozoa (pp. 19–48), the helminths (pp. 49–217), immunology and serology (pp. 218–237), therapeusis of helminthic infections (pp. 238–245), technic (pp. 246–267), host-parasite lists (pp. 270–276) and a brief but well-selected bibliography (pp. 277–284). The protozoan forms are considered all too briefly, but this fault is more than compensated by the splendid section on helminths. The author has utilized as a type for nematode structure the sheep hookworm, Monodontus trigonocephalus, an important pathogenic species. Generic keys are plentiful, the illustrations are accurate and life history diagrams are numerous. Only a few minor inaccuracies or inconsistencies have been found. Of these the most noticeable is the transposition of diagrams “J” and “L,” Fig. 119, p. 188.

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