Treatment of Malaria with a Short Course of Quinidine

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  • Caspiana, La.

In this report are included observations on the treatment of malaria in 1,047 cases over a period of five years, 1930 to 1934, inclusive. Most of the patients were plantation negroes, the rest, whites, representing all strata of society from the plantation owner to the poorest tenant farmer. These people remain in the district year after year and can be followed up for malaria season after season.

The practice is located near Shreveport, Louisiana, and in the Red River Valley. The area involved is considered moderately malarious.

Collins (1) recently reported “surprisingly satisfactory” results from treatment of clinical malaria with 1 gram of quinine sulphate a day for three or four days.

These results are not new, except in details. In the year 1868 Wade reported to the Madras Chinchona Commission (2) on 1079 cases of clinical malaria treated with quinine, quinidine, cinchonidine and cinchonine.