Volume s1-15 (1935): Issue 5 (Sep 1935)

Relapsing Fever in Texas
V. A Survey of the Epidemiology and Clinical Manifestations of the Disease as It Occurs in Texas
Book Review
Experimental Bacteriology
By Drs. W. Kolle and H. Hetsch. Translated from the seventh German edition by Dagny Erikson and edited by John Eyre. Vol. I, pp. 1–592. Vol. II, 1–612. Illustrated. The Macmillan Co., New York. 1935
Book Review
Laboratory Manual of the Department of Bacteriology and Immunology
Peiping Medical College. By C. E. Lim. Second edition. Pp. 195. Peiping, China, 1935
Book Review
Tropical Medicine
By Sir Leonard Rogers and John W. D. Magaw. Pp. i–xii, 1–547. Illustrated. J. N. A. Churchill Ltd., London, 1935
Book Review
Bed-Side Medicine
A Handbook of Medical Diagnosis, Symptoms, Signs and Laboratory Methods from Tropical Standpoint. By Akhil Ranjan Majumdar, M.B. 3rd edition. 1934. Pp. 815 including index. The Book Company, Ltd., 4/4A College Square, and Messers Das Gupta & Co., 54/3 College Street, Calcutta, India