Laboratory Manual of the Department of Bacteriology and Immunology

Peiping Medical College. By C. E. Lim. Second edition. Pp. 195. Peiping, China, 1935

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This excellent book is exactly what its author asserts it to be, viz., “a collection in convenient form of methods which through experience have been found of value.”

Besides the preface the manual comprises nine sections, the last being one containing references for further reading.

The first chapter or section deals with general instructions which are clear and concise and the second pertains to the cleaning and sterilization of glassware, while the remainder have to do with preparation of media, stains and reagents and the care, feeding, breeding and handling of laboratory animals. Surely the latter is an innovation which is both unique and welcome in manuals of this sort.

Sections six, seven and eight are devoted respectively to clinical serology, clinical bacteriology and the examination of pathogenic fungi. One topic in the section on clinical bacteriology, headed “Examination of Rabies,” is perhaps open to criticism, since no method of staining either smears or sections is mentioned.