Infection of Anopheles Bachmanni, Petrochi, with Plasmodium Vivax, Grassi and Feletti, and Observations on the Bionomics of the Mosquito

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  • Gorgas Memorial Laboratory, Panama, R.P.


  1. 1.In two separate experiments, Anopheles bachmanni females were infected with Plasmodium vivax. In one experiment, 3 out of 7 A. bachmanni were infected with oöcysts, and all of the 5 A. albimanus controls were found to be positive. In the other experiment, 3 out of 11 A. bachmanni females were infected with either oöcysts or sporozoites; while approximately 94 oöcysts were found in the stomach wall of the single A. albimanus control.
  2. 2.Sporozoites were found in one of the positive A. bachmanni nine days after the infective blood meal.
  3. 3.Mosquitoes that quite probably were A. bachmanni were also infected with P. falciparum. Two out of 13 of these mosquitoes had oöcysts in the stomach wall, while 7 of the 14 A. albimanus controls were positive.
  4. 4.Not only were more individuals of A. bachmanni refractory to infection, but it appeared that those mosquitoes which didbecome infected displayed a higher degree of immunity than A. albimanus.
  5. 5.A. bachmanni larvae in Panama are found chiefly in Pistia stratiotes. In a limited area that was under observation for over four months, a certain patch of Pistia seemed to be more attractive to ovipositing females than other patches, and this appeared to be true even as regards certain areas within a single patch.
  6. 6.A. bachmanni females have been observed to attack man in the jungle by daylight.