National Quarantine Service Memorial Volume

Edited by Wu Lien-teh, Director and C. Y. Wu, Senior Quarantine Officer. Pages 1–326. National Quarantine Service, Shanghai

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After a brief note on the origin of this service by the Chinese National Government in 1930, the editors outline the present organization and its activities, which include (1) medical inspection of incoming vessels, (2) isolation and treatment of infected persons and contacts, (3) examination and vaccination of emigrants, (4) inspection of outgoing vessels, (5) fumigation and disinfection, (6) rat flea surveys, (7) cholera investigation, (8) coöperation with internal health authorities and (9) coördination with international health bodies. In addition to routine reports, procedures and statistics, several chapters are devoted to cholera and plague surveys and investigations, and one chapter briefly outlines the extent and services of the old quarantine regulations, inaugurated in 1874 under the supervision of the inspector-general of Chinese customs. The volume is an interesting and valuable handbook for physicians who desire information on the subjects presented.