Cholera. (A Manual for the Medical Profession in China.)

By Wu-Lien-teh, J. W. H. Chen, R. Pollitzer and C. Y. Wu. Pp. xx. 191, 22 illustrations (one colored). 1934. Published by the National Quarantine Service, 2 Peking Road, Shanghai, China

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This book, which it is claimed is primarily intended to convey information to the relatively restricted number of the medical fraternity in China, is well worthy of attention by physicians in all parts of the world. The authors, three of whom are Chinese and one apparently European, are not only well versed in all the practical phases of the work which they describe so clearly, but in the theoretical consideration of it as well. Their modest statement that no claims are made to scholarship or exhaustive study may be sincere in so far as they themselves are concerned, but the reader will be most agreeably surprised at the diction interspersed with ideographs, as well as at the careful selection, compilation and discussion of the literature cited. Additional comments based on wide practical experience add immeasurably to the value of the work.

The volume is divided into a preface and introduction, four sections and an appendix.