Susceptibility of Red Cells to Malaria

A Preliminary Note

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  • Bureau of Laboratories, Florida State Board of Health, Jacksonville, Florida

The therapeutic use of malarial infection offers an unparalleled opportunity for the study of the natural history of the disease. When a neuro-syphilitic is deliberately infected with malaria, it is the plain duty of the physician to see that nothing happens to modify the course of the disease unless the life of the patient be threatened.

We in Florida consider ourselves exceptionally fortunate in having Doctor Boyd detailed by the Rockefeller Foundation to pursue his researches in our State. The studies being reported on would not have been undertaken had it not been for the cases of induced malaria provided by Doctor Boyd's work. I wish to present a few observations on some of the preparations afforded by these cases, which are representative of the results obtained in a wider study.

John Doe, thirty-six, white, mail clerk, had been showing symptoms of tabes dorsalis for some time when his physician advised recourse to infection with malaria.