Flight Range of Anopheles in the Philippines

Second Experiment with Stained Mosquitoes

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IV. Summary

An experiment is described in which 10,000 stained mosquitoes, chiefly of the funestus-minimus subgroup of anophelines, were liberated from a fixed point. Thereafter routine daily collections were made in 15 earth-lined traps and approximately 100 natural daytime resting places over an area having radii up to 4 kilometers from the point of distribution in all directions. These collections brought in 31,011 adult anophelines, among which there were 11 stained specimens. A. minimus var. flavirostris, the chief malaria carrier of the Philippines, was recaptured at distances as great as 2,000 to 2,200 meters south of the liberating point. A strong northeast monsoon was blowing during the period of the experiment and this apparently explains the fact that stained mosquitoes were recovered twice as far from the liberating point as during a previous experiment made in the same place during a time of light variable winds.