Notes on the Reduviid Bug, Eratyrus Cuspidatus Stal., Naturally Infected with Trypanosoma Cruzi Chagas Found in Panama

Lawrence H. Dunn Gorgas Memorial Laboratory, Panama, R. de P.

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The purpose of this paper is to record the finding of a third species of haematophagous bug of the family Reduviidae with a natural infection of Trypanosoma cruzi Chagas, the organism of Chagas disease, in Panama. A paper (1) presented in 1932 gave an account of Triatoma geniculata Latr., with a natural infection of this trypanosome being found in this Rupublic. A second (2) paper reported the finding of Rhodnius pallescens Barber also infected.

On September 20, 1933, Dr. Juan Feraud Penafiel captured a specimen of Reduviidae in the bathroom of one of the buildings of the Retiro Matias Hernandez, a hospital for mental diseases, located about six miles from the city of Panama. He recognized this insect as one of the Reduviidae and very kindly brought it to this laboratory for examination.