The Cultivation and Cultural Characteristics of Darling's Histoplasma Capsulatum

W. A. DeMonbreun Department of Pathology, Vanderbilt University Medical School, Nashville, Tennessee

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  1. 1. A fungus cultivated for the first time from a case of Darling's histoplasmosis has been proven experimentally to be the etiological agent of this disease.
  2. 2. This fungus may be cultivated either in the yeast-like form as it appears in the lesions, or as a mycelium.
  3. 3. The pathogenic phase of the fungus is the yeast-like form.
  4. 4. Although certain cultural characteristics of the organism are suggestive of those of the Endomycetales group of fungi, it seems best to retain for it the name Histoplasma capsulatum as given by Darling, until comparative cultural studies determine its logical classification.
  5. 5. In view of the nature of the etiological agent, and to emphasize its relationship to the host cells it is recommended that the present clinical term Histoplasmosis of Darling be changed to Cytomycosis of Darling.

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