Amebiasis Among One Thousand Prisoners

Final Report

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  • 1 Pacific Institute of Tropical Medicine, within the Hooper Foundation, University of California
  • | 2 ( San Francisco, California)

This report summarizes the results of a protozoölogic survey of 1000 inmates of San Quentin Prison, California, together with treatment of positive amebiasis cases and a follow-up of treated cases. The studies were made possible by the permission and cordial coöperation of Dr. L. L. Stanley, physician-in-chief of the prison. Some of the results have been published during the three years of the survey. In the present report, previous papers are summarized, and final results are given on the extensive follow-up of treated cases.

Several definite considerations led to the selection of this prisoner group for such a study. (a) It was desired to establish some more accurate measure of amebic incidence in California. The prison population seemed to furnish an excellent cross-section of the general population. (b) It was desired to have treated cases under long-term conditions where the possibility of re-infection was minimized.