Fungous Diseases. A Clinico-Mycological Text

By Harry P. Jacobson, M.D. Illustrated. Pages i–xii + 1–317. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Ill. and Baltimore, Md., 1932

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In this beautifully printed and bound volume, Dr. Jacobson gives a very useful summary of the principal fungous diseases of man. The work considers the Dermatomycoses, Moniliasis, Maduromycoses, Mycetoma, Sporotricosis, Blatomycosis, Actinomycosis, Coccidioides, Torulosis and Aspergillosis. Each subject is well considered and the work is well illustrated and rendered practical by excellent directions regarding diagnosis and treatment. It should prove very useful to the general practitioner who comes in contact so frequently with fungous infections and to whom the subject is so often a terra incognita.