The Biology of the Protozoa

By Gary N. Calkins, Ph.D., Sc.D. Second Edition. Illustrated with 223 Engravings and 2 Colored Plates. Pages i–xi, 1–607. Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia, 1933

Chas. F. Craig
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In this scholarly work, the second edition of Professor Calkin's work upon the Biology of the Protozoa, we have the most satisfactory book upon the subject in English. It is divided into 14 chapters as follows: (1) Introduction; (2) The Fundamental Organization; (3) Derived Organization; (4) Taxonomic Structures; (5) General Physiology; (6) Reproduction; (7) Vitality; (8) Phenomena accompanying Fertilization; (9) Effects of Reorganization and the Origin of Variations in the Protozoa; (10) General Ecology, Commensalism and Parasitism; (11) Special Morphology and Taxonomy of the Mastigophora; (12) Special Morphology and Taxonomy of the Sarcodina; (13) Special Morphology and Taxonomy of the Infusoria; and (14) Special Morphology and Taxonomy of the Sporozoa. The discussion of the Protozoa having to do with parasitism and disease, contained in Chapter 10, was not included in the First Edition of the work.

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