Filterable Virus Diseases of Man

By Joseph Fine., M.D., B.Sc., D.PH. (Glas.), D.T.M. (Liverp.). Pp. 1–144. Wm. Wood and Co., Baltimore, 1933

Chas. F. Craig
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This excellent compendium of the filterable virus diseases of man should prove useful to all interested in this very important group of disease producing agents. The author, in the preface, states that it has been his object to present what is known of the subject in a compact, critical, and simple manner, and to consider the diseases in such a way as to best show the relationships existing between them. He has accomplished his object and has also added greatly to the work by expressing his own opinions upon controversial points. While many of the statements made in the work will undoubtedly have to be changes as our knowledge of the subject increases, and while a few statements have already been proven to be erroneous, as, for instance, the statement that “neither immune bodies nor viricidal properties have been demonstrated in the serum of convalescents” in either yellow fever or dengue (page 6), or that “none of the laboratory animals (rabbit, guinea-pig, mouse) have been shown to be susceptible to the viruses of this group” (page 6), the work, as a whole, is most accurate and can be recommended to all who desire a compact, inexpensive summary of the filterable virus diseases of man.