Relapsing Fever in Texas

I. The Identity of the Spirochete

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  • Department of Bacteriology, Hygiene and Preventive Medicine, Baylor University, Dallas, Texas
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Although relapsing fever has been recognized in Texas for several years, there has been but little published work dealing with this interesting and important disease.

Graham (1, 2) has commented briefly on its occurrence, its possible insect vector and animal reservoirs, and has given some description of the causative organism. At this time there is no record of any detailed investigation concerning the identity of the etiological agent: a spirochete which seems to have morphological characteristics quite similar to those of other strains of spirochetes known to cause relapsing fever in other parts of the world. The object of this communication is to record certain experimental data which would seem to establish the Texas spirochete as identical, immunologically, with the strain recognized as Borrelia novyi.

Material. Three “strains” of Texas spirochetes were furnished us through the kindness of Dr. S. W. Bohls, Director of the State Hygienic Laboratory at Austin, Texas.