A Preliminary Report on the Cure of Nutritional Anemia by One of the Legumes

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  • School of Tropical Medicine of the University of Porto Rico under the auspices of Columbia University, San Juan, Porto Rico
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Summary and Conclusions

As a result of feeding pigeon peas Cajan cajan (L) Millsp. to rats on an anemia-producing diet the following conclusions seem justified:

  1. 1.Gandules or pigeon peas exhibit curative properties in this type of anemia.
  2. 2.Fresh peas show greater regeneration than the ash of equivalent quantities, when both are fed at levels suboptimal for normal hemoglobin regeneration.
  3. 3.It is suggested that experiments designed to produce less than maximum regeneration may show differences in the efficiency of various foods and perhaps throw light on the question of the rôle of inorganic versus organic constituents in hemoglobin formation.