A Note on the Transmission of Quartan Malaria by Anopheles Quadrimaculatus

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  • Station for Malaria Research, Tallahassee, Florida

The status of the available data regarding the transmission of the Plasmodium malariae has recently been critically reviewed by Gordon and Davey (1), who point out that the only satisfactory record is the report by Stephens and Christopher (2) of gland infection obtained in two of six A. culicifacies fed on four persons with quartan malaria in India.

The evaluation of the records in the literature made by Gordon and Davey was based on the following criteria: (a) The mosquitoes used must have been laboratory bred, or obtained in a district free from any suspicion of malaria; (b) sporozoite infection of the salivary glands must have been obtained; (c) great care must have been taken to exclude the possibility of mixed infection in the host. With the exception noted, they reject all recorded claims to successful transmission of P. malariae by anophelines, and express surprise that the various claims should rest on such a small basis of fact.