Medical Entomology

By Robert Matheson, Ph.D., Professor of Entomology, New York State College of Agriculture, Cornell University. Pp. I–XII. 1–489. Charles C. Thomas. Springfield, Ill., and Baltimore, Md., 1932.

Chas. F. Craig
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Perhaps no subject related to general science has assumed greater importance in connection with medicine than has entomology. With the rapid development of our knowledge of the importance of insect vectors in the transmission of many of the infectious diseases of man the necessity of a thorough knowledge of entomology to well informed physicians has become apparent, and to the public health officer and the epidemiologist such knowledge is abolutely essential. To supply this knowledge a number of works devoted to medical entomology have been published and this monograph by Dr. Matheson is the latest, and, in the opinion of the reviewer, the best of these.

The work is intended for the Physician, the Entomologist, the Public Health Worker, the Student, and the Layman in order, as the author states “that it may inform and arouse a keener interest in the problems involved with insect-borne diseases.”

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